Monday, November 19, 2007

Sum updates

Good news!!! We don't gots to go to Texas wif Momma and Daddy this week!!! We do haf to go for when Santy Claws comes tho. Owr next lady, Mrs. Sandy, is going to take care of us. Momma took care of her kitty when she wented to the land of the Cheeseheads. Anycat is welcome to come bisit and escape any craziness at their howse.

The sqwirllies are in T R O U B L E!!!! They tore into a brand new, squillion pound bag of biride seed that Momma lefted owtside ofur night. She wuzn't too happy 'bout it eifer. They maded a HUGE mess too! (We gots pic-shurs...will post later.) She says that she gives them their own special foods and that they should leave the birdie food alone!

On the dental front....Momma's crown is doing well. No bling, but Daddy sez that as much as it cost it should at least haf sum saf-fires or roobeess!

Hope efurryone has a safe Thankgiving!


Eric and Flynn said...

We're glad yoo don't haf to go to Texas yet, but we're confoosed cuz we thought yoo lived in Texas anyway. We'll come and visit yoo while yer Beans are away.

Gemini said...

Squirrels can be very naughty that way.

I hope you have a good thanksgiving.

dino, egypt, & the kits said...

Have a good Thanksgiving Day. We may teleport over to escape the cold.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Haf a grate time NOT travelin! Those nasty squirrels are just the worstest! One year, they was stealin thistle frum a thistle sack fur the Goldfishes, an Mom kept fillin it, until one day, they stoled the sack itself! I guess they hoped if they tooked it to their nesty, it would magically fill wif seed.

I like watchin the Goldfishes come eat the thistle; they's bright gold birdies.