Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anofer qwik post

We gotted owr secret paws pressie today!!! It wuz from Willow. It wuz full of ALL kinds of cool stuff....rattley fever balls, a nip 'nanner, more nip toys, temptations, and a book fur Momma to read to us!!! Momma gotted pic-shur and sum bideos, but we might haf ta wait to post 'em as we are in the middle of moving. We gotted ta play wif a couple of the toys, but Momma putted all but one away fur us ta haf at owr new howse. She didn't want them to get lost.

Found unner Momma's dresser: 13 hair elastics, 14 Q-tips, & 1 sharpie. All put there by Kiara. Momma wuz wonderin' where all her hair fingies went to! Kiara decided that it wuz time to play wif all of them again at 5:33 this morning....Momma wuzn't amused.


Eric and Flynn said...

Hehe, I (Flynn) hide all my treasures unner the fridge. Have a safe move.
That sounds like a great package furrom Willow.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yeah on the Secret Paw. We loved ours too!

The Meezers said...

well ya know, would she haf been happier if Kiara played wif them a 4:33am? or 2:33am? cause ya know, that's possible? right Kiara?