Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Solo

Well....due to the stupid fog that we've been havin' EFURRY morning, Daddy isn't going to solo. It isn't man-da-tory fur them, just a "confidence booster". Momma wuz furry disappointed though (she baked 2 dozen cookies fur it.) Oh, well.

Today am owr Poppie's purfday!! AND he and Grammie are going to be heer on Saturday!!! Whoohoooooo!! Happy Purfday Poppie, we luf you!!!!


Angel said...

Sorry the fog hept Daddy from his solo flifht. Glad Poppie is well enouth tp travel. have a good visit with them!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are sorry your daddy couldn't take his solo flight.We have had fog here for the last few mornings and they have had to cancel the flights from our local airport. Maybe you can help eat the cookies.
Happy purrfday to your Poppie.

Anonymous said...

There's not-so-good news and very good news at your house. Someday soon there'll be a morning without fog, and then everyone will get what they want. (Our human just baked chocolate chip cookies tonight... what kind did you have?)

Happy Birthday to your Poppie from all of us Good Cats, and may he have many more!

Parker said...

Darn it! At least your folks have cookies now!

Derby said...

Stoopid fog! Were the cookies, catnip cookies?