Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stormy weather!

Holy carp!!! We gots sum NASTY weather heer this morning!! It wuz way windy and rainy and kaboomy. The big sirens were going off REAL loud too. When that happened, Momma grabbed bof of us and maded us go into the closet wif her. Well...Meeko wuz already hidin', a'cause she's a good weather predicting cat. That's when Momma knew that all the bad weather wuz gone, wuz when Meeko came owt of hidin'.

Hope alla owr furiends are safe, dry, and warm (those gettin' blizzards).


Angel said...

That storm passed through here yesterday! Not is is cool and Mom won't open the door so we can smell outside! Glad you are safe!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad you are all safe. You are lucky to have Meeko to tell you when it's okay to come out again.

William said...

We're expecting a great big old storm here, too! We'll probably only get rain and wind, but the northern part of the state is supposed to be all blizzardy!