Thursday, April 09, 2009


We gots a dilema....last night Momma noticed that one of owr hummybirds' beak wuz messed up. The top part wuz fine, but the bottom part wuz wonky. It seemed to be eating frum the feeder fine (we could see it's little tongue flickering& it swallowing), but it kept lookin' in the window at Momma. Momma's not shur what, if anyfing, to do for it?? Any ideas would be grate!!

Also, we gots 2 pairs of Indigo Buntings!! Momma wuz furry a'cited 'bout this. We've nefur seen them a'fore. They are furry pretty!! We'll try to get a pict-shur of them.

If'n y'all could fink good thoughts fur owr Uncle Dan....he's about to find owt his "furefur plane" tonight!! Eek!!! AND Uncle Trent finds his owt tomorrow!!!


William said...

Poor tiny birdie. Maybe it was just keeping a tiny eyeball on your momma. We think as long as it's feeding OK it will be all right, though.

I wonder what's going on with our bird buds. Last year we had a baby dove who was in pretty bad shape. And really there was nothing to do except make her comfortable and safe before she flew to the Bridge.

But Indigo Buntings! How lucky is that?? I love all my buds but it sure would be fun to have some new friends like that!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We don't know anything about the bird. If it can eat it should be fine. Trying to nab it might stress it even more.

Angel said...

Trying to catch a humming bird would not be a good idea. We know you want to help it, bur you might cause further problems.

We are sending good thoughts and purrs for Uncle Dan and Uncle Trent!

Christine and FAZ said...

At least the little hummingbird was able to eat okay. FAZ

Anonymous said...

Mmm... birds! Happy Easter to all of you. We hope Nature is taking good care of the hummingbird.