Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Break

Something funny is going around here. Momma has been puuling out the suitcases and clothes. She said something abut "Spring Break". I didn't spring could be broken? She said that her, daddy, and Uncle Dan are going to go to Texas to see all of our family. And leave us behind??!!?! What's up with that? But, after reading about the Monster's ordeal, she has spoken many times with our pet sitter. Hhhhmmm...that means that we will have the house to ourselves for a week. You know what that means right?? Party time!! Let us know if anycat is interested in coming to visit.

~Meeko and Kiara

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Fat Eric said...

Hi girls. Nice to meet you. I am a British kitty, come and visit my blog sometime! Will we be seeing pics of you soon?