Friday, March 24, 2006


I spoke wif momma today. She said that she will work on our 'doption stories while she is in TX. But...that pics would have to wait until she got back home. ~Meeko

We got to go outside for a little bit today!! It was nice and sunny out. Momma brushed us a little too. The best is rolling around on the ground. But then BIG metal monsters went by and scared us, so we ranback inside. Momma got her metal monster loaded up and ready to go, she's just waiting for daddy and uncle dan to get here so they can leave. We're gonna miss you momma! :-(

Anycat that wants to come visit during the week is welcome. We have squirrels out back to watch. We just have to keep the noise down 'cause our neighbor is the one watching us, and we don't want her to report back to mom.


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by our blog. We'll add you to ours too. We haven't gone outside yet but maybe mommy will get us a leash and let us go on the deck for some fresh airs. Hope your beans have a nice time in tayhas.

Derby said...

Hi Ladies. I would love to trade links with you. Mum is working on changes on the blog now, so I will have her add your link too!

Yes, we want pictures and gotcha stories.

Purrs. Derby

Derby said...

I wented back and readed your comment about diagon alley. You were the only one to mention about Harry Potter. You are right!

William said...

Hi kids! We're glad you got a blog and we can't wait for your mom to help you get some pictures up!

Thanks for visiting me. I'll add you to my links!

pandora and charlie said...

hello, pandora here [pushes charlie away] get lost snotrag - it's MY turn.......

Nice to see you persuaded your Mama to do your blog :-)

We have linkyed your on our blog!


Oreo said...

Hi guys! Welcome. I will get Mom to work on my links again.......sometime!!