Friday, May 26, 2006

Ring Dance

Tonight is Momma and Daddy's BIG dance. Daddy gets his class ring. momma (and all the ofer girls) are getting made bea-u-ti-ful at our house. We'll post pics later.


Zeus said...

This sounds like so much fun! While they're out dancing, you two should dance the night away at home too! Light up the kitchen floor with some hot salsa dancing! Besides, they'll never know... ;)

Anonymous said...


Timmy said...

How a'citing! My Uncle Gene, Auntie Deb and cousin Riley-Dog live in the Springs too :) They help with the civil air patrol but they don't have class rings...they have wedding rings but that's not the same thing. Come by for a visit sometime soon m'kay? I can't wait to hear 'bout the dance! Momma makes me dance sometimes but I don't like to. I make sure she knows it too! LOL!!!